Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Not There Yet

Still no AT&T service at the house nine days after it went out in the storm.  Compare that with Florida Power & Light, which got power back to my neighborhood in three days, and Comcast, which did it in five.  (FPL is still out in certain neighborhoods around the area, including Bob’s, so they’re not out of the woods, so to speak.)  So I’m still on a limited blogging schedule.

3 barks and woofs on “Not There Yet

  1. I’m reading this at 8:12 using my generator as power. I have had internet and phone since last Tuesday – no cable. Also FPL has told me twice that I have power, not true, and I have had to resubmit and get a new ticket so they will not forget me. I don’t think it’s working as well as I hoped. Currently they claim I will have power by 11:45 tonight, but there is not a truck or crew in sight right now.

  2. What do you suppose is the hold-up with ATT? Are their connections strung on overhead light poles? Long ago in a land far far away we had Buckeye CABLE, probably the best supplier of phone and internet in the country. Have you choices for the future? You’ll be suffering this big inconvenience more than a few times going forward.

    • All the utilities in my neighborhood are buried, a lesson learned after Andrew in 1992. But AT&T says that the DSL distribution station was flooded and they’re working (“efforting”) to get it back on line. One would think that they would know how to harden the system; it’s not like we don’t get inclement weather on occasion.

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