Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Planning Ahead

Miami-Dade County is putting together the first big evacuation plan in 12 years ahead of Hurricane Irma.  Via the Miami Herald:

The planned instructions to flee the county’s A and B evacuation zones — A covers coastal areas in southern Dade, Key Biscayne and a pocket north of Miami, while B encompasses Brickell Avenue, more inland areas and Miami Beach and other cities along the ocean — represent the most dramatic example of Miami-Dade’s efforts to clear out in advance of a hurricane that reached Category 5 status on Tuesday. Miami-Dade’s schools chief canceled classes Thursday and Friday, and most governments and colleges announced similar shutdown plans for an already shortened holiday week.

My house is literally on the border between Zones A, B, and C, and depending on the trends of the storm, I have contingency plans to go to a place in Zone D.  Of course I will obey instructions from authorities and I am prepared to go with a few moment’s notice: grab my valuable papers, unplug the computer and the external drive, and go.  (I even had a friend in North Carolina offer me shelter, assuming he doesn’t get hit, too.)

I’ll let you know how it goes and if I go.

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  1. And if you need, come to Roanoke?! We’ll be glad to put you up and you can visit with your cousins.

    I got swept up in the vortex of traveling to NYC to move our daughter back into her dorm and visiting family along the way, so I never replied your email. Sarah is good friends with another friend of mine who had posted photos of her trip. I plan to write back to you today or tomorrow with more . . .

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