Friday, September 22, 2017

What’s The Matter With Alabama?

It seems they’re about to elect a theocrat to the Senate to fill out the rest of the term of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.

The man who has the edge to become Alabama’s next senator didn’t hedge away from his hardline socially conservative positions on Thursday, returning to his central campaign theme of a lack of godliness as a central reason for society’s woes.

Controversial former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore warned that America was falling apart because of things like transgender troops in the military.

“Our foundation has been shaken. Crime, corruption, immorality, abortion, sodomy, sexual perversion sweep our land. When we become one nation under God again, when liberty and justice for all reigns across our land, we will be truly good again,” he said in his first and only one-on-one debate against appointed Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL).

The comments came shortly after he said he wanted to free the country and military from “political correctness and social experimentation like transgender troops in our bathrooms.”

Moore’s entire career has been focused on a hardline religious right philosophy — one that’s gotten him thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court twice, first for refusing to remove a statue of the ten commandments then a decade later for refusing to accept the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage. His Thursday statements are far from the only controversial remarks he’s had to say on the campaign trail.

One of my first blog posts here back in 2003 was about Judge Moore being tossed off the state supreme court after his stand-off with the Ten Commandments.  At the time I basically thought we were done with him.  But as any summer blockbuster that includes an evil villain will remind you, they have a way of coming back.

I know people who live in Alabama and they say it’s got some good things going for it, including the long-running Alabama Shakespeare Festival. But wow.  What are they trying to do, make Mississippi look good by comparison?

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  1. Mississippi IS good by comparison. It has Oxford and U of Miss where real intellectual thought takes place along with some terrific restaurants and theater. It may have horrific weather and mosquitoes the size of drones and bad bad old habits of discrimination not unlike the rest of the South. But it has one shining cultural star. Worth a visit.

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