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  1. Is that a 1989-91 era Chrysler TC that would have been beside your Pontiac?

    I have my dad’s TC out in the garage. I’m thinking of getting it out for a fall colors tour later this week. No current inspection sticker, but I know a guy, if you know what I mean. They guys who keep it on the road for me can get a sticker on it in 15 minutes, and really inspect it.

    Not really very sporty, but comfortable cockpit, nothing you can touch that isn’t leather or wood. 29,500 on the odometer.

    • Close but not quite. It is a 1993 Cadillac Allante, much in the same vein as the Chrysler TC. Both cars were considered to be outliers; both employed Italian talent in design, both were sold at a great loss, and they even looked alike. While Cadillac had the bodies designed and built by Pinninfarina and flown to Detroit in a modified 747 for final assembly, Chrysler worked with Maserati on both design and manufacturing (the “TC” stood for Two Companies.”) I don’t know how much Chrysler lost on their venture, but GM is rumored to have sunk $24 billion into the Allante. It’s a nice car but not worth that much.


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