Monday, November 6, 2017

Fighting In The Wayback

A friend asked me yesterday what I thought of the Donna Brazille kerfuffle.  I was driving in heavy traffic on I-95 and trying not to get run over by some small-penised dude in his hyped-up Subaru with the coffee-can muffler (I was going 80 and barely keeping up with the rest of the traffic), so my reply was mostly a shrug and a wish that the Democrats would stop trying to lose the 2016 election again.

No, there is no leadership in the Democratic party.  That’s not surprising since they’re out of power; that duty usually falls to the President in the White House and they don’t have that.  The intrigue and gossip in the party is on a level of kids fighting in the back of the station wagon on a cross-country trip while the GOP is getting ready to rumble with Steve Bannon and Mitch McConnell deciding whether there should be rules in a knife fight.  But Democrats always find a way to make it look so much worse.


Democrats suck. You know it. I know it. But at this point it’s all we’ve got. Maybe we could just keep it together long enough to deal with Hitler and then go back to fighting amongst ourselves? If we don’t, there might not be anything left to fight over.

That’s what sustains me in my time of trouble.

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