Monday, November 13, 2017

Good Luck With That

Roy Moore is threatening to sue the Washington Post.

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore said Sunday that he planned to sue The Washington Post over a report that he pursued teenage girls, including a 14-year-old, when he was an assistant prosecutor in his 30s.

At a Christian Citizen Task Force forum here, Moore said the newspaper published false allegations — “for which they will be sued.”

He provided no details about what type of suit he planned to file or when he planned to file it.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen, and if he does file suit, he’ll lose even if he’s lucky enough to find a judge that will let the suit go forward.  Moore is a public figure and a senate candidate, and that makes the bar of proving libel very high.

As they teach in Journalism 101, to succeed in a libel suit he would have to prove that the Post published the story with malice; i.e. they knew the allegations were false but ran with them anyway.  I can’t believe Moore doesn’t know this; for all his flaunting of the law as a judge he had to have studied torts at some point.

So it’s got to be a bluff or just red meat for the folks who will be voting for him no matter what.

Besides, if the Post really wanted to tank his campaign, they would have cooked up a story where he was hitting on a 14-year-old boy.

3 barks and woofs on “Good Luck With That

  1. I think you’re right, Bobby. He’s bluffing. If he crows about a suit, it makes him seem innocent to his fans. Making voting for him what they need to do. It’ll be interesting.

  2. He is doing what Dotard 45 did …bluster and what he thinks is tough guy shit.
    It is his MO.
    Who can forget his hoisting a lady sized revolver in the air to demonstrate his “manliness “!

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