Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The First Line Of Their Obituary

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III remembers that lying to Congress comes with a penalty phase.

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday denied, again, lying to Congress about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. He said he had forgotten about a campaign round-table in which an aide played up his Russian connections and suggested arranging a meeting for Donald J. Trump in Moscow.

But even as Mr. Sessions remained hazy on the details, he was adamant that he had swiftly rejected the aide’s suggestion.

“I have always told the truth,” Mr. Sessions told the House Judiciary Committee, adding that he stood by his previous testimony because “I had no recollection of this meeting until I saw these news reports.”

Translation: “I wouldn’t have done it if I’d known I’d get caught.”

I seriously wonder if Mr. Sessions and the rest of the people who work for Trump have thought beyond next week and realize that the first line of their obituary is going to include the notation that they devoted a part of their life to working for a scandal-plagued authoritarian regime that will remain a stain not just on their lives but on the nation.  That these years, no matter how many, will be seen by historians as one of the darkest times in our democracy; where accused pedophiles have a real shot at being in the Senate because they’re a member of a political party.  That’s the stuff of tinpot dictatorships, not Western civilization.  (I was going to say “banana republics” but even they don’t want to be associated with a cut-rate narcissist.)

When this is all over, how many of them are going to tearfully beg for forgiveness for their gob-smacking attempts to normalize serial lying and demonization of entire populations and genders for the sake of winning an election and riding on a tricked-up 747?  And for what?  Trying to wipe out the memory of America’s first black president as if he was the aberration and what they seek is the real white straight Anglo-Saxon Christian nation that never existed in the first place?

Mr. Sessions and the rest know what they’re doing.  They know full well that they’re going to be remembered as part of this blatant attempt to obliterate the past.  And without any tinge of self-awareness, they will be proud of it.

One bark on “The First Line Of Their Obituary

  1. This article is accurate and provides factual information!
    Sad part is like W Bush/Cheney/GOP/Republicans who squandered a hugh surplus, started America’s longest running war, invaded and destroyed a nationbased on a lie, destabilize the entire Middle East and Northen Africa, introduced torture as a weapon of the USA and nearly crashed the worlds largest economy causing the Great Recession ….they have never expressed regrets, remorse nor offered apologies to the millions of human beings impacted by their governance! AND the remnants ie the GOP/Republicans are doubling down with a genuine inept, erratic, possibly crazy person of their Party in the WH!
    Even THEY are scared THIS dude will launch a 1st strike with nuclear weapons and held Congressional hearing yesterday to explore options for removing that power FROM the POTUS!
    The Revolution WAS televised and America lost on November 9th 2016!

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