Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Whole Lotta Colluding Going On

Martin Longman at Washington Monthly has a detailed record of when and how the Trump campaign worked with their Russian handlers starting in July 2016.

So these are some of the activities of Trump, his campaign staff, his foreign policy advisers, and his good friend Roger Stone in the time period in which he received a counterintelligence briefing warning him that his campaign might be infiltrated by the Russians.  As a result, as the NBC News article makes clear, the briefing was a little awkward:

The situation was complicated by the fact that the FBI had already become aware of contacts between members of the Trump campaign and Russia, and was beginning to investigate further. Former CIA Director John Brennan has said he told the FBI about a pattern of contacts the CIA observed between members of the Trump team and Russians, and former FBI Director James Comey said the bureau then began investigating in July 2016.

No collusion, my ass.