Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Not Leaving Anybody Out

The Roy Moore for Senate campaign doesn’t want to leave anyone out of the ranks of those they can offend.

Kayla Moore used the final campaign rally for her husband to fire back against accusations that they hate Jews, black people and women, with an interesting choice of evidence.

“Fake news would tell you that we don’t care for Jews. But I’ll tell you all this because I see you all, I just want to set the record straight while they’re here: One of our attorneys is a Jew,” Kayla Moore said, waving towards the back of the room where reporters were gathered. “We have very close friends who are Jewish.”

For a second there I thought she was going to march out her black housekeeper and gay hairdresser to complete the set of cultural stereotypes.

2 barks and woofs on “Not Leaving Anybody Out

  1. What’s noteworthy is that she read from a script. Those weren’t spontaneous blurts that she’d regret later. What she said was intended. Who on earth?????. . .

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