Wednesday, December 20, 2017


The House will have to do a re-vote on the GOP tax bill.

House Republicans thought they had finished their tax work on Tuesday afternoon when they passed a version of the bill 227 to 203. But the effort hit a snag Tuesday afternoon when the Senate parliamentarian ruled that three of its provisions violated that chamber’s Byrd Rule — guidelines on what types of legislation can pass with a simple 50-vote majority.

To comply with the Byrd Rule, the Senate made a series of minor tweaks to the bill before passing it, requiring the House to vote again as the two chambers must pass identical versions. The House is slated to vote Wednesday midday, and none of the changes are expected to cost the plan GOP support.

Under Trump and Ryan, the GOP has been unable to do anything without fumbling on the goal line: repealing Obamacare, getting judges confirmed, electing Republicans in special elections.  And these are supposed to be “the best people.”

These guys could screw up a one-car parade.