Thursday, December 14, 2017

Short-Time Sessions

Taking a cue from Betty Cracker’s spot-on analysis of the miserable tenure and track record of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, I wonder how much longer he’ll stick around, either voluntarily or otherwise.

Trump blames Sessions for the Russia probe. He publicly humiliated him over it. And I’m sure Trump blames Sessions for losing the Alabama senate seat too because nothing is ever Trump’s fault.

Trump is a three-time loser in Alabama — first picking Sessions, then backing Strange and then endorsing Moore. Sessions is taking a wrecking ball to civil rights, so it’s cold comfort. But he’s been a fucking disaster for Trump, despite his best intentions, and I bet Trump reminds him of that at every opportunity.

The only question remaining is will Sessions stay in office or will he be gone before the marshals — or the men from Bellevue — come for Trump.