Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What Passes For Presidential Now

Trump had a bunch of senators, representatives, and other people over to the White House to discuss immigration and it was all on TV.  After it was all over, the chattering heads were swooning about how “presidential” he was even though he didn’t seem to understand what the hell they were talking about.

For example, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) asked for a “clean DACA bill,” which would prevent some 800,000 people from being in jeopardy of being deported.  Trump said, “Sure, that’s fine.”  That brought a swift response from Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who wanted something completely different, to which Trump said, “Sure, that’s fine,” and then Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) chimes in with something else on a different tangent, and Trump said, “Sure, that’s fine.”  At the end of the televised portion he declared, “I want whatever you all come up with,” or words to that effect.

That resulted in this from CNN’s Dana Bash:

This is the presidency that a year ago we all thought Donald Trump was capable of… Just the notion of him being in command .. This is what people who had high hopes for the Trump presidency thought it would be, meeting after meeting like this.

Oh, for Dog’s sake.  Just because he didn’t stand up and throw paper towels doesn’t make him presidential.  This wasn’t leadership.  This was some old fart nodding and smiling through something he doesn’t understand at all because he’s more concerned about when he’s going to get his pudding.

5 barks and woofs on “What Passes For Presidential Now

  1. The desperation in reporters (or maybe stenographers would be the better term) like Bash for the presidential “pivot” really depresses me. What kind of evidence do you need to see that it isn’t going to happen? Does it take a meteor strike or something?

    • A meteor strike would be ideal. I keep hoping that a large-ish meteor will fall on each year’s CPAC conference. Not only would it get rid of the top tier wingnuts, but we could tell all the politico-religious wackos that it was the hand of god (or dog). However, no matter what pantheon I pray to, it never happpens. This year it’s the Polynesian deities’ turn – Pele ought to be good for something spectacular.

  2. You’ve noticed, I assume, that the man has no agenda other than to put in place people who’s entire careers have been to eliminate the agency they’re now in charge of. And he did want a tax break for himself and his kids which fell in line with what the Republicans have been trying to get done for years so that was easy. But as for proposals of his own, no. He relies on “staff” – what once was Bannon – to do that for him just as he did (does) when he’s building hotels. So with a four and a half hour workday and time out for “executive time” (GWB used these to play computer golf), we’re paying for a non-existent president, the stable genius.

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