Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ask Them This

In the wake of yet another mass shooting and the endless cycle of “thoughts and prayers” emanating from elected officials and the perpetual “now is not the time” excuse for avoiding anything to do with gun control, it is time to change the focus from the abstract to the specific: who is paying them to utter their “thoughts and prayers”?

I have resolved to ask every elected official running for office from here on out, regardless of party and regardless of office, how much money they’ve received from the NRA or any other gun lobby.  Then smile and patiently wait for their answer.

It’s a simple question, really, and they should know the answer.  And it should be a matter of public record so if they fudge, we can pull it up and tell them how much they’ve gotten from them.  Then ask them what they plan to do with it.

Asking them where they stand on gun control invites weaseling and mumbling about “defending the Second Amendment.”  What they’re really saying is that being on the payroll of the NRA is more important than actually representing the rest of us who would rather not have to contemplate yet again another somber week of burying children because it’s easier in Florida to buy an AR-15 than it is to buy medicine to control diarrhea.

So ask them: “How much money did you get from the NRA?” and vote accordingly.

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  1. I wrote to our Ohio Republican Senator, Rob Portman, and told him he has blood on his hands for school shootings, as he has accepted a lot of money from the NRA. I expect to receive a patent form letter next month, if he’s true to the usual pattern. Senator Sherrod Brown’s office always responds quickly and they actually address the issue I’ve written about. I’m sending Senator Brown a letter, too, thanking him for his ongoing efforts to fight the Trump administration.

    Small gestures, I know, but I can go on record as making my opinions known. And I’ll do it again in November, when we vote these bastards out.

    • Portman is my Senator, too, and for that I bear some of his slime because I and people like me haven’t been able to gather enough votes to kick him out of office. There simply aren’t enough blue (Democratic) voters in southern Ohio to make a difference. This state is as divided as any between southerners who live near Kentucky and Indiana and northerners who live near the lakes and Canada. And Portman has not only NRA money but Koch money, too. Tell me how to counter this poison.

      • Ohio has been blue in the past and I want to turn it blue again. With Trump and his rotten Republicans in power, it’s tough to make things happen. But I have a strong belief in voter resilience and I plan to join our local Democratic headquarters early this fall to start organizing a broad GOTV program.

        Some Republicans we will never reach. Some are diehard Teump fans, and we’ll not be able to flip them. But if we strengthen the votes with women and minorities, I think we can push through.

        The Republicans always squawk about cutting down the Federal government. Good, let’s overwhelm them with new strength in local and state government. Let’s fight back!

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