Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Democrats Keep On Winning

Another special election, another Democrat flips a GOP seat.  And this time in Florida.

Democrats continued a streak of special election wins with a victory along the Gulf Coast of Florida on Tuesday, the 36th red-to-blue switch in a state legislative race since the 2016 election.

Democrat Margaret Good triumphed by seven points in the Sarasota-based 72nd District, defeating Republican candidate James Buchanan in an area that backed Donald Trump for president in 2016 by more than four points.

The upset is likely to reverberate through the two major parties as they gear up for the midterm election cycle. Although Republicans have been buoyed in recent weeks by the sense that their tax legislation will be popular among voters, and by new polling showing that Trump’s popularity has ticked up, Tuesday’s outcome offers yet another data point that voter enthusiasm lies with Democrats.

“They’re winning elections in places where they shouldn’t be,” said Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, at a Sunday afternoon rally for the Republican candidate. “We’ve seen them win statehouse seats in Wisconsin. We’ve seen them win big mayor’s races in New Hampshire. Fifty seats have already changed hands, from Republicans to Democrats, since President Trump took office. Make no mistake: The Democrats are unified.”

Gee, Corey, I wonder what it could be that has the Democrats unified?  Could it be that the Republicans are falling in behind a sexist, racist, narcissistic vulgarian who was elected with the help of a global adversary and who, when confronted by a choice of good for the country or good for him, always goes with the latter?

As for Trump’s popularity ticking up, it’s because he’s offered goodies and temptations, the same way a predator offers candy to get into his windowless van.  Most people catch on pretty quick.

But one of the overriding factors may be that the Democrats at long last are running candidates who not only are a stark contrast to the fear, loathing, and racially-tinged message of Trump, but who offer something to vote for.  It also doesn’t hurt that they’re raising a ton of money and outspending the Republicans.  You can have the best message in the world but it won’t do you any good if nobody hears it.

This time they did.

4 barks and woofs on “Democrats Keep On Winning

  1. Just filled out my ballot for the special election in Arizona for Trent Franks seat. Both D’s look good, but I didn’t bother checking out the R side candidates, since I already know it’s gonna be more of the same from that party.

    • I filled my ballot out here in Tx. two weeks ago and it was two pages front and back. Most of the back was ballot initiatives telling the Democrats what issues to campaign on. It took about 10 minutes to complete and I have had two Democrats at the door asking for my vote! Something must be going on.

  2. Trump’s approval numbers have risen lately on the strength of the tax bill where it appears at long last something is getting done. This could mean trouble for the good guys in the mid-terms. But the issue in November has to do with the level of enthusiasm on the part of Democrats and women, women, women. It worked in Virginia and I suspect it also worked in this recent election in Florida. Get to work, make calls, knock on doors, get voters to the polls and all will be well.

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