Monday, February 26, 2018

Did You Watch?

The only event I watched on the 2018 Winter Olympics was a curling match last Saturday at 6 a.m. between Norway and Switzerland.  The TV was on the channel running the match when I turned it on.  That’s it.

I didn’t boycott the games, I just didn’t have the inclination to watch them.  They were either on during prime time when I’m usually writing or going to bed, or there just didn’t seem to be anything I was all that interested in watching.

But that’s me.  What about you?  What did you watch?  What did I miss?

4 barks and woofs on “Did You Watch?

  1. I’m a new curling fan after seeing our team’s gold medal match which I saw at 3:00AM last Friday, believe it or not. Actually I tried to see as many of those matches as I could. I’m learning a bit about the tactics and the rules and appreciate that it’s a physical form of chess in so many ways. Another team I loved to watch was that of the adorable Japanese girls. They played the home team of South Korea who are also cute; a group of high school friends who played for fun and then began to take it seriously. I wish there had been a place to play years ago so we as a family could have learned the sport. We had the usual bowling alleys, of course, which game isn’t nearly as demanding as curling. So other than the people from the northern states of Minnesota and Wisconsin where so many residents have Nordic backgrounds, Americans haven’t paid attention to curling. Maybe after this triumph this will change.

  2. I’ve loved watching figure skating since I was a little girl. Now, with the pressure on the skaters to jump more, higher, and faster, I’m done. The beauty and elegance, the themed costumes, the depth of music are all gone. Dinosaurs like me just don’t care about the quads and triples.

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