Friday, February 16, 2018


Via The Hill:

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) early Thursday warned against rolling the conversation around Wednesday’s deadly shooting at a Florida high school into “taking away citizens’ rights” to own guns.

“There’s more questions than answers at this stage,” Ryan told Indiana radio host Tony Katz.

“I don’t think that means you then roll the conversation into taking away citizens’ rights — taking away a law-abiding citizen’s rights. Obviously this conversation typically goes there,” he added.

Translation: the rights of murderers are more important than the rights of victims of gun violence.

Thanks for clearing that up.

And then there’s Marco Rubio:

“I do think that in some circles, it isn’t fair or right to create this impression that somehow this attack happened yesterday because there is some law out there that we could have passed to prevent it,” Rubio said toward the end of a lengthy speech in which he wavered between dismissing gun control efforts and advising against saying “there is nothing we can do.”

By this logic we might as well repeal laws against murder, arson, and speeding on the interstate because someone is going to do it anyway.

This from the man who received over $3 million from the NRA.

Via Commenter jeffg166.

One bark on “Priorities

  1. Yesterday Stephanie Ruhle listed the NRA contributions to members of Congress. My Senator Rob Portman got several thousands of dollars as did many other Republicans. Our Dear Leader received a donation to his campaign of about $20 million, if memory serves. And I learned this morning on teevee that there are two tough consiglieres from the DC office of the NRA – which is huge, I’m told – who, after a shooting or massacre such as happened in Florida, head directly to the Congressional offices, one after another, to remind each of our representatives who got them there.

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