Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Heil For The Teacher

A Florida teacher moonlights as a Nazi.

In her first year as a teacher, Dayanna Volitich taught under the watchful eye of more experienced educators.

The school sought to make sure the novice teacher met standards set by the state of Florida. But the school’s surveillance, she said, also made it hard for her to expose her students to an array of white-nationalist views.

“I’m pretty hyper aware that [administrators and colleagues] will be watching. They’ll be listening, and so I’m getting a little more underhanded,” she said on the Unapologetic Podcast, a white-nationalist show she produced in her free time.

During monitoring sessions, she’d engage in a “dog-and-pony show” for her bosses.

“I knew when they were coming,” she told one guest, Lana Lokteff, the host of an anti-Semitic media outlet that the Southern Poverty Law Center said spreads hate speech.

“I was able to anticipate when they would be there to evaluate, and so I did what I was supposed to do. I danced like a little puppet, and I waited until they were gone,” she said in the episode, which aired in late February.

For more than a year, Volitich has been leading a double life.

She is a popular white-nationalist podcaster known as Tiana Dalichov who espouses anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and believes that Muslims should be eradicated from the earth, according to HuffPost. She’s defended and praised neo-Nazis and white nationalists such as Arthur Jones, Patrick Casey and former KKK grand wizard David Duke. She says she believes that science has proven that certain races are simply smarter than others and decried training about implicit bias in classrooms as “bulls—.”

And she is also a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School about 80 miles north of Tampa — one who has said it’s her duty to expose her students to her version of the truth.

She said she hoped that other like-minded people would infiltrate public schools and do the same thing.

She was found out when she requested a carry permit for a Luger.