Tuesday, April 24, 2018


One of the many things I liked doing with my dad when I was a kid was birdwatching.  We had bird feeders in the yard when I was growing up and I still have my travel-scarred and dog-chewed1962 edition of Roger Tory Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds.  I also keep a life list of birds spotted for the first time.  It got a lot longer when I moved to Florida and got to add such exotics as ibises, egrets, and anhingas.

Dad can’t get out much anymore, so the bird feeders are strategically located so he can see them from his easy chair, and yesterday when I was at the house I caught up with the birds, including goldfinches, juncos, and woodpeckers.  When it gets warm they’ll put out the bottles with sugar water and feed the hummingbirds.


One bark on “Birdwatching

  1. Put the hummingbird feeders out now. The scouts are on the move! My first one showed up April 19 and it is still chilly to outright cold here north of Asheville, N.C.

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