Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Going After The Messengers

Since the NRA and their gun-stroking minions haven’t got a cogent or rational response to the the Marjory Stoneman Douglas students leading the marches for gun law reform, they naturally go after the people who are delivering the message, including David Hogg, who has emerged as the spokesperson for the students.

Most of the complaints about Mr. Hogg center around his call for a boycott of advertisers on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program.  Aside from the fact that conservatives routinely call for a boycott of any company or entity that offends them, they seem to forget that the First Amendment, which apparently they haven’t studied as well as the Second, doesn’t remotely come close to protecting the job of a TV pundit.

I think what really chaps their asses is that David Hogg comes off as intelligent and rational whereas the spokesfolks for the pro-gun side come off as deranged spittleflecked cranks (vide Ted Nugent and Dana Loesch).

HT to LGM.

4 barks and woofs on “Going After The Messengers

  1. If the right is complaining about boycotts I think the Dixie Chicks might like a word or two with them.

  2. David Hogg doesn’t need to go to college. At least, not for a while. He’s way ahead of the “grown-ups”.

  3. It’s axiomatic: if you don’t have a cogent, rational argument that will stand up to scrutiny, you resort to ad hominem. It’s indicative of the state of the right these days that ad hominem arguments are their first resort.

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