Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Not So Fast There, Rick

All the punditocracy seems to think that with Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) entering the Senate race against incumbent Bill Nelson, the GOP will pick up the seat.

I’m not so sure.  Yeah, it’s going to be a tough and expensive race, but I wouldn’t start measuring for drapes for Rick’s office in Washington just yet.  Bill Nelson may not be the most exciting guy — as if that’s a quality you look for in a senator — but Mr. Scott is no knight in shining armor.  He’s an opportunist, he’s run the state like it’s his own business, he’s made a shitload of money through unknown means while doing it, and he’s taking credit for a lot of things such as job growth that aren’t his doing.

For instance, he’s claiming that since he came into office in 2009, Florida has picked up millions of jobs.  Yes, that’s true, thanks to the economic policies of Barack Obama.  He’s claimed he’s increased education spending in Florida.  Yes, but not as much as compared to the years before he came into office, and right now, it’s lagging behind his predecessors if you account for inflation.

And there’s the simple matter of popularity.  He won election in 2008 against Alex Sink by a very narrow margin (and she was not the most energizing candidate), and re-election in 2012, again by a very narrow margin.  He has baggage from his days of running a hospital corporation, he’s a huge Trump supporter, and — fairly or not — he’s kinda creepy.  I think the only reason he may win is because the people of Florida want him somewhere else.

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