Monday, April 2, 2018

Trumpier Than Trump

Frank Bruni interviewed Ann Coulter for the New York Times.  (Remember her?  She’s the other blonde snarky right-wing pundit often confused with Laura Ingraham.)

Currently she’s calling herself a Former Trumper because that wall hasn’t been built and she’s suddenly figured that it was all a con by Trump to get elected.  Oh, she’s pissed.

That should be terrifying to the president. Maybe he’ll actually keep his promises. Unlike Marco Rubio. Unlike the rest of them. Unlike Mitch McConnell. We have been betrayed over and over and over with presidents promising to do something about immigration. If he played us for suckers, oh, you will not see rage like you have seen.

So that’s her big make-or-break point; that if Trump doesn’t build the wall, the party’s over and she’ll go after him like the complete troll that she is that made her bones on Fox News.

Guess what.  That wall won’t be built, and even if it is, it won’t be what she has in mind; think Korean DMZ or the late Berlin Wall.  And she’ll back someone else in the GOP primary in two years.

Steve M notes that if there’s going to be a successful GOP challenger to Trump, he’s gotta be even more hard core than Trump.

The base might accept someone other than Trump, depending on the circumstances — but only if that alternative candidate seems meaner and nastier than Trump. It’s not going to be someone like Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, or John Kasich — the political equivalents of the persona non grata pundits listed above. If another candidate is going to take the nomination from Trump, it’s going to be a candidate who talks like Ann Coulter. That’s still the only variety of anti-Trumpism that’s acceptable to the base.

If Trump is successfully challenged, it’ll be by someone who says that Trump isn’t tough enough or angry enough or pitiless enough. We just need to watch Fox if we want to know what arguments the Republican base finds plausible. The only anti-Trump argument that qualifies is the one Ann Coulter makes.

So who would be better than Trump in appealing to the baser instincts of his base?

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