Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Finally Joining The 21st Century

My little basic cell phone that does little more than make calls and texts is dying.  Final arrangements are being made to relegate it to the dustbin of history after seven years and today I’m going to look for the next step up to an iPhone.

I want something simple and inexpensive so I’m open to suggestion.  My tech advisor recommends the iPhone SE or the iPhone 7.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I guess I’m something of a Luddite because I threw out my cell phone years ago and never replaced it – it felt like a leash. However, partner has one for his business – a Tracfone (I think I’m spelling that right) because it’s a pay as you go with no contract. He’s pretty happy with the service; it’s still a flip phone and not a smart phone, although the company does offer smart phones.

  2. I was very hesitant to join the smartphone craze, but getting an iPhone (and iPad) have been life changing for me. I currently using the 7 plus. I got the larger model so I can read easier on the bus and train.

  3. The Moto series of phones are pretty reasonable. I have a Moto 5g+ and it has more bells and whistles that I’ll never use. Picture quality is very good. My service provider is consumer cellular for about 1/2 the cost of Tracphone. $25/per month! If you want to preserve your number be sure and change vendors before your current subscription ends.

  4. I have an SE – moved up from a 4S. Same form factor as the 4S, but the downside is the screen size. I’d go for the 7 or even the 7 plus for screen size, the SE for price. Either way, spring for the extra storage – 32GB is not enough with a decent amount of music, photos, and apps onboard

  5. Shirt, the only reason we didn’t go with Consumer Celllular is that it doesn’t offer international service, which we need during our once a year trip. We would have gone that way otherwise.

  6. I’ve owned two Motorolas, and they are great phones at a great price with very little bloatware. Samsung make better cameras in their phones, if that is a priority for you, but I feel they are overpriced. Sony make fine phones and older models can be found very cheap, but Sony don’t support them for long enough, so they are not a good choice if security is your priority.

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