Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hey, Siri

Thank you, friends, for all your sage and well-thought out advice.

I went with the iPhone 7. It’s very nice and intimidating with all its helpful little features, but so far the only apps I’ve downloaded is the free one from Miami-Dade Transit so I can see when the train is running late and American Airlines. I switched Siri’s voice to the male one which gives me the illusion that a guy would take an interest in me. The texting auto-correct and fill-in is helpful.

Oh, and it does take great pictures.

First iPhone picture.


2 barks and woofs on “Hey, Siri

  1. Very nice picture! I suggest you try Tsuro if you’re into casual games – easy to learn, decent AI, and it looks nice (plus, it’s free).

  2. Oops – I looked at the app store when on my phone when getting the price, and I mistook ‘get’ for ‘free’. I already paid for the game, just didn’t have it on my SE (due to the small screen). But! it is 20% off for a limited time…

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