Monday, May 21, 2018

Never Too Many

According to the defenders of the faith, it’s not the guns that cause the shootings in schools and other places.  It’s too many abortions, too many video games, too many gay people, too many doors, too much Ritalin, and too many soap suds clogging your machine.

But it’s never too many guns.  No, that’s not the problem.  In fact, according to them, we need more guns, not fewer.  Guns for teachers, guns for school police, guns for the crossing guards, guns for the lunch ladies.  So until the smell of cordite and cosmoline overtakes pencil shavings and gym socks, schools will never be safe.

It’s not that we have too many guns in this country.  It’s that we have too many gun nuts.

One bark on “Never Too Many

  1. The right to bear arms does not cede a right to an arsenal. If you have more arms than you can bear (operate), I’d say you’ve reached a natural limit. If you are not bearing (carrying) you must secure them. If you don’t secure them then you lose (have ceded) your right to arms.

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