Saturday, June 9, 2018

Allen J. Pfannenstiel 1964-2018

We met at the Spring Dance in Boulder on April 22, 1984, and for the next fifteen years he was my partner, my cohort, my love, my best friend, and an indelible part of my life.  We went from Colorado to Michigan to New Mexico, raising gardens and a puppy, Sam, and sharing the joys and tribulations, good times and sad, tests and the odds that all couples face.  We never married because we couldn’t by law, but we had everything married couples have, and when we parted in June 1999, we stayed friends, even to the point of being better friends apart.

When I moved to Miami in 2001, he moved back to Colorado, and ended up there last year.  He suffered a stroke last Christmas and complications developed two weeks ago.  He slept away last night in the house he grew up in with his family at his side, at peace and the way he wanted to go.

I have so many memories, so many thoughts, so many pictures; after all, fifteen years together can’t be summarized in just words and pictures.  I will just say that my life was better with him in it than without and that he will always be a part of me.  The reminders at home and in my heart are good things of good times and a good life.

Lake Charlevoix, 1986

This is one of my favorite pictures of him, taken in August 1986 when we went on a sailing trip around northern Michigan for my dad’s 60th birthday. Although the biggest piece of water he’d ever seen was the man-made lake behind his house in Longmont, he took to sailing right away.  It was the first of many such adventures we took, and his attitude was always “It’ll be fun!”  And so it was.

I will always call you sweetheart.

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  1. Yes, I sent my condolences to the wrong cousin. We had a bad night with little sleep is my excuse. I DO know the difference between Cousin Chris and Philip. Sorry and very much sending you peaceful thoughts. Fran

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