Thursday, June 21, 2018

Getting The Story Straight

So Trump caved on the separation of immigrant families, signing an executive order that he says will end the horror.  Well, actually it won’t and it’s too late to reverse the damage to the children, but he’ll take credit for being so magnanimous.

At least for now.  I haven’t checked the news streams in the last twenty minutes; who knows which version of the story he’ll come up with.

First it was a deterrent. Then it wasn’t.

It was a new Justice Department policy. Then it wasn’t.

The Trump administration was simply following the law. Then it said separations weren’t required by law.

It could not be reversed by executive order. Then it was.

He left his enablers and mouthpieces twisting slowly in the wind, the Justice Department and HHS and the White House contradicting themselves and Trump on an hourly basis, sometimes even in the same statement.

Meanwhile, the camps grew, children were sent off to far-flung places, and now the best-case scenario is that immigrant families will be detained in tact in camps set up on military bases.

That’s not unprecedented, by the way.  Just ask the Americans of Japanese ancestry where they spent World War II.