Friday, June 22, 2018

This Time, It’s Real

There have been a lot of fake Time magazine covers over the years; Trump used to come up with his own self-glorifying versions to hang in his golf club hallways.  But this one is the real deal.

I let my subscription run out back in the 80’s because the magazine was becoming a shill for Reagan, but this is pretty damn good.

One bark on “This Time, It’s Real

  1. We were friends of Roy Larson’s daughter and son-in-law. Your father was a blood donor to their baby son. And EVERYBODY we knew subscribed to Time. But the magazine’s early support of Nixon did it for me. I said no mas and have never looked back even though I loved the columnists who wrote for the back page. Like the cartoonists, these smart people didn’t reflect the editors’ politics. I’ve forgotten who they all were – maybe you can remember.

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