Friday, June 22, 2018

True Colors

I really haven’t paid much attention to Melania Trump.  Actually, to some degree, I feel a bit sorry for her.  She didn’t ask for this and she’s had a bit of a slog living up to the reputation of other First Ladies like Eleanor Roosevelt or Jackie Kennedy or Michelle Obama or even Pat Nixon. But at least give it a try, okay?

4 barks and woofs on “True Colors

  1. Nope! She showed her colors when she donned the jacket again as she got out of Marine One, walked across the grass and through the collonade and into the Oval Office wearing the jacket in 81 degree weather and probably suffocating humidity…she knew what she was saying. Not buying one bit!

  2. The first time I’ve disagreed with you, Bobby. She once again showed her true colors. She did it before when she married trump. A “beautiful” woman who marries someone as disgusting as trump can only have done it for money and status. Do you think she loves that mess? As far as I’m concerned, she’s greedy and has no scruples and deserves whatever backlash comes to her.

    • There’s a photo out there on the internet of her glaring at Trump with the caption “I thought you’d be dead by now.” I almost posted it this morning.

  3. And I think she’s a woman with the huge boobs and long legs her husband demands in his arm candy. But brains? Who needs them? They’d only complicate things. I hear her daughter-in-law keeps her distance – East Wing, West Wing stuff. And competition for Daddy’s attention, such as it is. Melania bought this bed, the green card, the nice big houses, apartments, clothes and shoes and the income that goes with it. She has her son who is more hers than his. Life is good.

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