Friday, July 6, 2018

Don’t Pick The Wrong Fight

I heard Nina Totenberg on NPR run down the list of possible Supreme Court picks yesterday afternoon and what particular talents they have in appealing to the right-wing nutsery.  Frankly it doesn’t matter which one gets the nod; they’re all sufficiently conservative to the point that arguing about whether or not they’re in with one group or not doesn’t really matter.

The Democrats have a tough enough battle ahead that they need a cogent single-line attack.  Some are going for the “McConnell screwed us out of Obama’s pick,” which is a waste of time.  What’s done is done, and karma will get Mitch eventually.  The pitch they should be using is that the person making the selection is under investigation — criminal and civil — by various branches of the government and therefore shouldn’t have a role in picking one of the people who will inevitably sit in judgment on him.