Tuesday, August 28, 2018

One More Day

Someone got one of my credit card numbers and tried to buy something at a Citgo station in Houston on August 21 — and was declined — but the bank didn’t let me know until I tried to buy gas yesterday.  I spent a total of 45 minutes of listening to “your call is very important to us…” before I got through.

Long story short version: I need to go to my local branch and get a temporary card until they issue a new one (4-6 business days) and then change all the accounts where the card is already set up as the form of payment.

So I’m taking another day off.

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  1. I’ve only once had an incident like that, and the bank notified me immediately that there was “unusual activity” on my debit card. They’re really good about that.

    On the downside, not so long ago my bank issued new cards because there had been a “suspected data breach at an unknown merchant”. So I had to do the routine of changing my card number at all the places where I use it to pay bills, which is almost everywhere. (I haven’t written a check in a year or two, and the last one was to my sister.)

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