Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Previews Of Coming Attractions

If you think it’s crazy now, just wait until you see what’s lined up for this fall.  And we’re not just talking about what’s coming up on Netflix.

Paul Waldman:

  • Paul Manafort will either be convicted or acquitted in his first trial, presumably this week (the jury is currently deliberating). And his second trial — which will deal more directly with his work in the former Soviet Union and the ways it may have affected his actions as Trump campaign chairman — will begin in mid-September.
  • Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III could hand down more indictments, or even release a final report on all that he has learned in his investigation.
  • Trump will likely continue to revoke the security clearances of his critics in the intelligence community, which will generate more bipartisan condemnation and comparisons to Richard Nixon.
  • Omarosa Manigault Newman will release more tapes she recorded of conversations with people in the White House.
  • A lawsuit will begin in Texas in which Republican states and the administration will be arguing for the entire Affordable Care Act to be struck down, handing Democrats a priceless campaign issue.
  • Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings will take place. Even if the process ends with a win for Trump, it will also likely generate an immediate backlash, a wave of fear and opposition from Democrats as they realize the implications of an intensely partisan, intensely conservative Supreme Court.

And that’s just what we know about.  As the last couple of years have shown, there’s a lot of surprises out there, and after the mid-terms and if the Democrats win control of the House, they’ll be holding hearings and issuing subpoenas — and we’ll all be subjected to the howls of the Republicans who spent millions of dollars on Benghazi! complaining about wasting the taxpayers’ money on “rigged witch hunts” and “fake news.”  (Well, they are experts at both, so that does lend them a whiff of laughable credibility.)

And here I was getting all jazzed up about the reboot of “Murphy Brown.”

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