Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Remarkable Restraint

Back in 1975 James Whitmore had a one-man show about President Truman called “Give’em Hell, Harry!” There’s a moment in the film where President Truman recalls an anecdote about his language:

Say, Rose, there’s a story going around about me these days. It says that some old party hen is supposed to have cornered Bess at some party, and said, “Mrs. Truman, isn’t there anything you can do to get the President to stop using the word ‘manure’?” And Bess is supposed to have replied, “It took me forty years to get him to use that word!”

That came to mind when reading that Trump referred to Omarosa Manigault Newman as “that dog.”  Given his attitude about women in general and African-American women in particular, I’m impressed that he didn’t come up with the more colorful and gender-specific term for “that dog.”

One bark on “Remarkable Restraint

  1. Trump isn’t smart enough to come up with more colorful word, it would be too much like work. As for the Truman quote, I have read that many times in different books.

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