Thursday, August 2, 2018

Something’s Coming

I think Josh Marshall is on to something when he says that Trump’s tweet tantrum yesterday telling Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to fire Mueller and end the investigation now suggests that there’s something big happening behind the scenes.

I think we should assume that the President’s perception of the threat which the Mueller probe poses to him and his family has ratcheted up dramatically and very recently. He is mobilizing new threats to end it now. We can speculate on what that change might be. It might be connected to Michael Cohen. It might be connected to fears Paul Manafort will become a cooperating witness. It could be something happening in the background which we know nothing about. I’d say the last possibility is the most likely since we’ve seen so many times that we know very, very little about what is happening in the Mueller probe.

My clearly speculative guess is that Mueller told Trump’s legal team that they plan to subpoena Trump about obstruction, not collusion.  And that’s what it all comes down to.

One bark on “Something’s Coming

  1. I hope Mueller doesn’t have to use a subpoena. That’s sure to end up in the courts and eventually in the Supreme Court where, given the GOP rush to install the newest Trump appointment the whole effort will not only take months if not years of arguments, but sooner or later go down the drain. What could be the best outcome is for Mueller to offer his conclusions even without a Trump interview, for the Democrats to get a majority in the House and where the dirty linen will be taken seriously and acted upon. Best of all would be for McConnell to visit Trump and urge him to resign so he doesn’t have to face the music. THEN we could go after him . . . .and?

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