Thursday, September 20, 2018

Rush To Judgeship

The Republicans are in an awful hurry to get Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court, pushing Prof. Ford with the “take-it-or-leave-it” deadline to testify on Monday.  It’s as if they know that if they can’t whoop him through next week, it’s all going to go sideways until after the election when perhaps the rising tide and gorge of voters see what they’re pulling off sweeps a bunch of Republicans out of office and their chances go a-glimmering.

Ironically, they were smugly content to keep the Scalia seat open on the court for over 400 days while Merrick Garland cooled his heels waiting for so much as a postcard from Mitch McConnell, and now all of a sudden it’s really important to get it done.  Kinda like there’s some political reason for it, huh?

A lot of us were hoping that they learned a lesson from the Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991.  Unfortunately the lesson the Republicans learned and still practice is that you can vilify a witness and defend a predator and get your creepy guy onto the court, and that’s all that matters.  They’ve learned nothing from history, and to them the #MeToo movement is nothing but a bunch of shrill women with made-up stories and exaggerated claims because some dude brushed up against them in the elevator and didn’t fall over with apologies and a court settlement.  They got their guy on the Supreme Court and that’s all that matters.

2 barks and woofs on “Rush To Judgeship

  1. I have both a prediction and a fear, which is that the conservatives will get their wish as far as the courts and then learn a lesson about being careful about what you wish for. Women are not going to cede control of their bodies, blacks are not going to retreat to the back of the bus, gays will not go quietly back to the closet, Hispanics will not resume happily picking your fruit in the shadows, and on and on…..I’m predicting that not only will the court decisions be increasingly ignored and irrelevant but that they will spark an era of civil unrest and often violence. And then somehow it will be the fault of the “libtards.”

  2. If the “blue wave” actually materializes, the Republicans have the lame-duck session to push through whatever they can, including Kavanaugh, and they will be under that much more pressure to do it.

    Parallel from the other side of the aisle: DADT got repealed in a lame-duck session while the Democrats still had the majority after the GOP swept the 2010 midterms.

    And what the GOP has learned from history is that you can get away with anything as long as you’re in the majority.

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