Friday, September 7, 2018

Status Quo Ante

CLW thinks the motive behind Anonymous and their op-ed isn’t to save the country so much as it is to save the GOP and get them back to where they were and maybe even pick up some yardage.

The “call from inside the house” is not some bold resistance fighter, not some valiant defender of the constitution. Not even someone pressing for a book deal.

No, it’s a member of the GOP old guard frustrated with the squandering of their ownership of the two — about to be three — branches of government. They love the tax cuts for the wealthy, the bolstering of our already ridiculously fat military-industrial complex, and the outright grift masquerading as “deregulation.” They have no problem with the fetid swamp.

They just fear the whirling dervish in the oval office will derail their roughshod ride through the Constitution and their historical opportunity to pillage the treasury. This clarion call was to say “hang in there, red base, we’ve got this, don’t abandon ship yet.”

This was a cry to salvage the mid-terms and to allow the old guard GOP (McConnell, Ryan, et al) to regain control. Be careful with your hopes and dreams based on this one, specious report from inside the house.

I think his point is well-taken; the old guard would have been perfectly happy to have Trump in the White House if he were disciplined and mature enough to, like Gov. William J. Le Petomane, just hold a pen and sign the bills that McConnell and Ryan whooped through Congress, then go back to his pussy-grabbing.  They knew they had a racist and xenophobic base, but they were held in check by promises of tax cuts and gay bashing, which seemed to be working.

But instead of a useful and easily-manipulated mannequin, they got the whirling dervish because they’d never paid attention to his antics on TV or looked into his background as a businessman and his history of corruption and bankruptcy.  It certainly never occurred to them that they couldn’t mold him into something “presidential” the way they had with their last outlier presidents, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.  And they forget that they were unable to mold them to their will; they actually became like them.  Funny how that works.

The danger Trump poses to the GOP isn’t just that he’s poisoning the well and putting their majority at risk in the House and the Senate. It’s that he’s revealing the true core of the GOP establishment as a bunch of white heterosexual genially-racist Jesus-shouting rich guys who will say anything and sucker in anyone who will buy their load of capitalist jingoism as long as they don’t talk about it outside the gated community. But Trump went out on the nicely-manicured front lawn, dropped his pants, and drew in all the tacky trash that comes with an annual subscription to Infowars and the National Enquirer. And while the Republicans were always willing to take their votes and their money, they would never invite them into the house. That’s the real threat to the GOP, and they can’t live with that.

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  1. The danger that a democratic house posses to the GOP is that they not impeach Trump. That they deal with Trump (in essence Trump can lead the parade but continues his assault on his non-base GOP). Just do that for 18 months or until the GOP proposes impeachment and TAKES RESPONSIBILITY.

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