Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Early Voting

Polls are open in a lot of states already where there are races with big implications such as Texas (Senate) and Florida (Senate and governor).

If you’re in Florida, here’s a link to the state guide of where and how to vote.  If you’re in another state that has early voting, go here and find out.

Oh, and do yourself a favor: bone up on the other races and ballot measures beyond just the big-ticket items.  Here in Florida we’re going through our constitution-revision phase, which happens every twenty years, and there are a whole load of amendments, from restoring voting rights to felons who’ve served their time to banning dog racing, on the ballot.  So, to borrow a phrase from another public service announcement, Know and Go.

One bark on “Early Voting

  1. I put our mail-in ballots in the mail yesterday. It’s the first time we haven’t gone to the polling place in person, but negotiating the path to the local polls and finding a place for Phil to work from his wheelchair seemed like too much trouble. But we both have a sticker that says “I Voted By Mail” so all’s good. It’s pretty simple here: straight Democratic ticket and “yes” on the two renewals of taxes for parks, etc.

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