Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It’s Never His Fault

Via Politico:

At his rallies, President Donald Trump argues that the midterm elections are about one person — Donald Trump. “Get out in 2018,” Trump told a crowd in Missouri last month, “because you’re voting for me!”

Privately, the president says the exact opposite.

According to two people familiar with the conversations, Trump is distancing himself from a potential Republican thumping on Election Day. He’s telling confidants that he doesn’t see the midterms as a referendum on himself, describing his 2020 reelection bid as “the real election.” And he says that he holds House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell responsible for protecting their majorities in Congress.

According to one person with knowledge of these talks, Trump has said of Ryan and McConnell: “These are their elections … and if they screw it up, it’s not my fault.”

Of course it’s not.  He never does anything wrong, never tells a lie, never exaggerates, and most of all, he NEVER makes it all about him.

If the Democrats win control of the either the House or the Senate or both, he’s going to blame everything that happens from now on until they bundle him off on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan as if they were the ones who led him down the garden path.  And he carries a grudge, so don’t expect any significant legislation to come out of the next Congress until after the 2020 election, if then.

One bark on “It’s Never His Fault

  1. Nah, if Democrats win control of either the House or the Senate or both, he’ll blame everything that happens from now on on Democrats. You know, like he does right now.

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