Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Previews Of Coming Attractions

A week from today we’ll know how much trouble Trump and the Republicans are in.  If the House flips to the Democrats, and polls (oh yes, I know) are leaning in that direction, phones will be busy at lawyers’ offices in DC as cabinet members and West Wing hacks find themselves on the receiving end of invitations by the new chairs of various House committees.

Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice has a rundown of what could come to be.

I caught a little flack when I noted on Facebook that I’m waiting until Election Day to vote even though Florida has early voting and I’m getting calls and texts to vote NOW!  But this year the ballot here is really long with state and local races as well as state constitutional issues that range from vaping to dog racing up for a vote.  I will study up on the sample ballot that arrived in the mail yesterday and then be at the polls first thing Tuesday morning and take my time to fill out the ballot.  In fact, I’m taking the whole day off so I’m not rushed.  If we’re going to take back the wheel of sane governing from the whackos, it must be done with the sure steady hand of knowing what’s at stake.

If you want to early vote, go for it with my blessing (as if that matters).