Thursday, November 1, 2018

Doubling Down

Washington Post:

Trump said Wednesday that he would deploy as many as 15,000 military personnel to the border with Mexico in response to caravans of Central American migrants making their way northward, doubling the figure Pentagon officials have announced would be operating there.

“We’ll go up to anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel on top of Border Control, ICE and everybody else at the border,” Trump said in remarks to reporters before departing Washington for a campaign rally in Florida. “Nobody’s coming in. We’re not allowing people to come in.”

As noted the other day, this number will change again once the election is over and the troops get bored decorating their tents for Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, then maybe Valentines Day by the time the “caravan” gets to the border.

This is going far beyond just appealing to the base of the GOP.  Now he’s enlisting the military in his political ploy, which, to be fair, is something every president looking down the barrel of ignominy has done to some degree.  But this is just ridiculous.

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2 barks and woofs on “Doubling Down

  1. ‘Member when Obama sent troops to the border under Jade Helm and all the wingers freaked out because it was the harbinger of a military coup? Gee, what could be different?

  2. By the time the remnants of this pitiful bunch of refugees gets near the border at least half of them will have dropped out and settled in some Mexican town or other. The others will try to cross the bridge in hopes that they’ll be allowed in. This reminds me of the Ship of Fools – the Jews who fled Nazi Germany looking for refuge in America. At that time this country was as it is today filled with antisemitism – a big promoter was Charles Lindberg – so Roosevelt allowed the the ship to be turned away. Argentina eventually took them in. As a result the Jewish population of Argentina is as large as anywhere else in the world except for Israel. Shame on us.

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