Friday, November 16, 2018

Of Course He Did

Trump basically says he fired Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to stop the Mueller investigation.  Via the Daily Beast.

There has been a persistent disbelief among many observers throughout the Trump presidency that the underlying reality is as bad as it appears on the surface. But the scumminess of the arrangement is increasingly naked. Here, lying about in plain  sight, is Trump’s response yesterday to a question from the conservative Daily Caller, which asked, “Could you tell us where your thinking is currently on the attorney general position? I know you’re happy with Matthew Whitaker, do you have any names? Chris Christie?”

In response Trump embarked on a rant about the Mueller investigation:

I knew [Whitaker] only as he pertained, you know, as he was with Jeff Sessions. And, um, you know, look, as far as I’m concerned this is an investigation that should have never been brought. It should have never been had.

It’s something that should have never been brought. It’s an illegal investigation. And you know, it’s very interesting because when you talk about not Senate confirmed, well, Mueller’s not Senate confirmed.

Trump is all but confessing that he hired Whitaker to stop the “illegal” Mueller probe.

And he will deny he’s ever said any such thing, the same way he told Fox News in October that he knew Matthew Whitaker and three weeks later said he’d never met the guy.

Frankly I don’t think Trump cares what other people may take away from what he says, whether it’s a confession or an admittance; he says whatever works in the moment to make himself look — in his mind — like he’s the victim.