Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Really, Guys?

This is so inside-the-Beltway and it’s such a whiff that it’s barely worth taking up valuable pixels when I could be putting up a cat video, but apparently sixteen Democrats are not wild about electing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker again.

As Scott Lemiuex at LGM notes, this is just sad.

She will be the most powerful woman in America; third in the line of succession to the presidency, so if Trump gets impeached (or carried out under medication) and Pence gets raptured, she’s the president.  The last time she was Speaker, she marshaled the party to get Obamacare, the financial stimulus packages that saved the country from a depression, Dodd-Frank, and just about any other piece of legislation the MAGA-mites want to repeal.  That alone should be the reason she gets the job.

Yes, she’s establishment, but she gets things done.  Pissing off the GOP is just icing.

And yes, the specter of 16 white guys telling a woman where her place is just makes it worse.

My guess is that once they see that the other 230 Democrats are not with them, they’ll end up voting for her and say it was all symbolic and just to make a point.  Yeah.  And they’ll find that their Capitol Hill parking space is now in Alexandria.

One bark on “Really, Guys?

  1. The reasoning for the 16 is that “it’s time for a change,” although why or to what doesn’t seem to be explained. I’ve noticed that some of the journamalists who pursue this line of questioning do it with such a smirk (looking at Kasie Hunt and her interview with Anthony Brown Sunday night, although Tur and Todd are bad about too, as is Melber) that it’s clear the question is meant as a gotcha and not a request for actual information. I’m wondering how many on the Democratic side said they wouldn’t support Pelosi just to make the question go away.
    And it’s noticeable that the 16 are all centrist white guys.

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