Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Distressing Numbers

The national polls are showing that Trump and the Republicans took it in the nuts as far as approval ratings go after the shutdown and looking off to 2020.

The fact that the Democrats are having a wide-open race and is attracting just about anyone who can be seen as left of William Weld onto the field shouldn’t really matter at this point.  No nominee who races to the front a year before the Iowa caucuses stays there for long, and when there’s an incumbent president up for a second term, it has to be about him and what he’s doing, not the flavor of the month from the Democrats.

But what really bothers me is that after two years of criminal corruption, serial lying, institutionalized bigotry, and basically turning every core belief that we’ve established as a country and society on its head, there are still 28% of the electorate who would vote to re-elect Trump.  What the hell is wrong with these people?

8 barks and woofs on “Distressing Numbers

  1. Just saw Franklin Graham be interviewed on MSNBC. He denied Trump has ever lied. That comes from the antagonistic news media who invent stories saith the preacher. He said we can’t find a better President, one that is blessed by God. What does he gain from this suck-up? Tell me what Trump has done to deserve this? Graham’s father was every Repubican President’s lackey from Eisenhower to Reagan but there’s no reason for the son to pull the forelock for a criminal like Trump.

  2. Historically, there seems to be a core of about slightly more than 25% of the American population that is deeply resistant to any social change, especially change that threatens their status — or is perceived to. They fought the abolition of slavery, they fought the legal equality of blacks, they fought against women’s right to vote, and on down the line.

    These days they’re known as Trump supporters.

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