Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Day Dawning

I’m safely ensconced in my hotel in Blue Ash after an uneventful flight from MIA to CVG and picking up a very nice rented Cadillac (!) for the drive here.  (The Cadillac XTS was priced below the econo-box so of course I snapped it up.  It’s like driving a Barcalounger with a dashboard from an iPhone, but handles like a Mustang.)

I’ll be spending the day with Mom and Dad, visiting friends and running errands, such as doing bird-feeder maintenance and helping put away the Christmas decorations.

But in the background there will be the chatter from TV as the new Congress gets underway, getting the House back into safe hands.  And after seeing clips from the weird cabinet meeting at the White House yesterday, it will be like taking the keys to the Oldsmobile away from a relative who is piteously descending into the fog and setting off Silver Alerts from the highway patrol.

Normalization means seeing the POTUS ramble incoherently on important policy matters, watching the grifter he put in charge of the Department of Justice give a cringeworthy performance during the morning’s televised “dear leader” session, and yet being completely unsurprised.


This Trump press conference is like one of those viral videos where the kid in the back seat just got out of the dentist.

If it wasn’t for the fact that our safety, security, and financial future are in jeopardy by being run by a whackjob, this would be a laugh-riot worthy of Mel Brooks and Larry, Moe and Curly.

One bark on “New Day Dawning

  1. Wow… sounds like a real difficult challenge, dealing with the aged relative’s Olds keys! While suffering with the Trumpkins in the background of life.

    Lots of good rock collecting, minerals and fossils, around your old neighborhood! I have rocks from all around there.

    Best of luck!

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