Thursday, January 31, 2019

Still Cold Up There

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that the utilities in the Twin Cities are asking their customers to turn down their thermostats to 63 F during the Polar Vortex so as to not strain the system.  At this writing it is -27 F in Minneapolis.

That’s cold.

The good news is that the vortex will pass and by Sunday the high in Minneapolis is expected to be 44 F.  That’s a 71 degree swing to the warm side.  For now.  It’s still winter, and my memories of living at that latitude include snow and ice up to and beyond Mothers Day.

3 barks and woofs on “Still Cold Up There

  1. All you people complaining about canceled flights and inconveniences like that. You know what? Beer deliveries were suspended yesterday in Wisconsin because of the cold. Now that’s a crisis.

  2. Old men talk about cold – you say “cold”, sonny? why when I was a boy the temperature in Minneapolis hit -33 so this is balmy”. No mention of beer stoppage however. The post office warned us yesterday that deliveries in our zip code wouldn’t take place. Cincinnati is wimpy about weather. Big rain storms cause school delays and snow? Keep your kids inside and forget about education.

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