Thursday, January 10, 2019

There’s Another Wall Being Built

There’s a wall being built, just as metaphorical as the one Trump wants to build along the southern border, but it’s the one that is really worrying him.  It’s the one being built by the Mueller investigation out of the mounting evidence of corruption, collusion, and fraud, and it’s closing in on him.

What other reason would Trump have for his panic as embodied in his tantrum yesterday after the Democratic leaders — for once unified without the mandatory hand-wringing — said no, again, to his demand for $5.8 billion to build a wall?  Even some Republicans are beginning to edge away.  He’s setting up a whole load of “Oh, look at the kitty!” moments: visit the border, cut off FEMA aid to California’s wildfire recovery, and keep the government shut down just so the cable news gallery has something else to talk about.  Meanwhile, the White House is in full-tilt panic mode to hire lawyers to fend off subpoenas from the House, hoping to stall any investigation from that end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

He knows it.  He feels it.  Brace yourself for some really wild stuff; a cornered animal fights back to the death.

HT to Digby for the photo.

One bark on “There’s Another Wall Being Built

  1. 17 lawyers added to the White House defensive team. They’ll all stumble over each other trying to get credit for any small bit of legal win, if there is one. And the House committee on the other side has boosted its lawyer stable, too. Buy your ticket to the show, folks.

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