Monday, February 4, 2019

The Long Game

Rather than watch the football game, I turned on TCM at 4:30 and, for the first time since I saw it in a movie theatre in 1965, I watched “Doctor Zhivago,” three and a half hours of long, silent wide-screen shots of the Russian steppes punctuated now and then with longing looks between Omar Sharif and Julie Christie and the occasional World War I battle and the Russian Revolution.  The actual story itself could have been narrated and shown in about twenty minutes.

I hear the football game wasn’t much more interesting.  Then again, the movie was presented without commercial interruption.

3 barks and woofs on “The Long Game

  1. It was a complete snore. The Rams didn’t belong there and the Patriots acted like they should win just by showing up. We didn’t make it through the whole game. Maybe they realized that the winner has to go to the White House….

    • By the way, since you’re a word person….the local stations are pretty small and proofreading isn’t always a strength. The crawl on the local station during the game (I’m not making this up) warned of “Ice Storm for the Counties of Marinette and Menominee County Counties.”

  2. ALL Super Bowls are boring. I don’t remember one that’s worth remembering. So knowing what to expect we didn’t turn on the TV until 9:00 when the PBS series “Victoria” continued. Beautiful photography, engrossing “history”, lovely people in and out of love. My kind of distraction. I flipped over to CBS for a mini-second and found the score was Patriots 3, LA zip. See what I mean?

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