Wednesday, March 27, 2019

First Tech

Last night the cast and crew went through the first technical (light and sound cues, costumes) rehearsal of “Can’t Live Without You.”  It was their second night on the set designed by Teresa Biber LoMonte.

As the playwright, I make it a rule not to attend rehearsal because the play is in the hands of the director and the actors; my work, for the most part, is done. So last night was the first time I saw the play since we had our read-through in January.

I also know that the role of the playwright is to not make comments to the actors; any notes are given to the director. But when the lights came up at the end, I had a hard time talking to Jerry, the director, because I was sobbing with joy and wonder at the work he and the cast had created. About all I could muster was “Thank you.”

The show opens Saturday afternoon.

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