Thursday, March 7, 2019

Historically Challenged

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) compared the immigration situation along the southern border to D-Day.

“Let me just put this in context for the American people. Perhaps the most famous invasion in the history of the world, D-Day; 73,000 American troops landed in the D-Day invasion. We have 76,103, according to my numbers, apprehensions along our southern border last month. We have D-Day every month on our southern border.”

Generally, when a person compares two things for “context,” it illuminates the understanding of those things. In this case, the reaction seemed to be “Huh?”

Sheesh.  As Gillian Brockell at the Washington Post goes on to explain, Allied troops were liberating France and Europe from the Nazis, they were heavily armed, the planning for the invasion took almost a year, thousands more people were involved in the logistics, and the casualties and deaths numbered over 40,000 on the first day.

So, no, the border crossing at Antelope Wells, New Mexico, is not Omaha Beach.  For context, go watch the first half hour of “Saving Private Ryan” or the first two episodes of “Band of Brothers.”