Thursday, March 7, 2019

Making The Grades

It’s no small irony that Trump made a big deal about Barack Obama’s college transcripts and how he must have gotten into Harvard Law on nothing more than affirmative action all the while he sent his fixers back to his military school to find and bury his own transcripts so no one would ever know how well he did on his SAT’s or GPA.

You don’t need a PhD in psychology to figure that one out.

It also points out the fact that the only reason Trump got into the race in the first place was to show that uppity you-know-what his place.  Trump has been obsessed to the point of madness that Barack Obama is smart, funny, cool, and successful on his own merits and Trump is none of those and never will be.

You don’t need a PhD in theatre or literature to figure that one out.  Hello, Iago and Mr. Claggart in Billy Budd.

What is more disturbing is the fact that rather than celebrate or even acknowledge the fact that a kid from a broken marriage and working-class background could grow up, go to college, become a lawyer, a teacher, an organizer, elected official, and the first non-white president in the history of the country without buying off or gaming the system but doing it pretty much on his own perseverance and determination, Trump is determined to claim that the system is rigged against the people who, through no merit other than the gut feeling of jealousy and resentment about Others, are somehow deprived of their divine right to rule.  It’s a perversion of everything this country stands for.  It’s racism, pure and plain, and I don’t see any benefit in trying to make it sound like anything else.

One bark on “Making The Grades

  1. I just learned that applications to the Harvard Law Review membership come in the form of blind submissions and upon acceptance the leader is voted in by the other members. So Obama submitted his and became the first black applicant to make it as President of the Review. Not only is this man elegant, classy and brilliant, but he’s also a committed public servant. No wonder Trump has him on his mind and in his dreams. His bigotry doesn’t allow for a man like this.

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