Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Old Man Yells At Cloud

Oh, he’s at it again.

If it was a car wreck, he’d be saying that we’d all be better off driving Model A’s.  Forget about computer-controlled ignition and safety glass!

He’s still trying to figure out how to set the clock on his VCR.

One bark on “Old Man Yells At Cloud

  1. This from the man who wanted to nominate his personal pilot to head the FAA.. . . the fellow who flew the big plane with TRUMP painted on the side that rolled up to the gathered fans prior to one of the big lock-her-up rallies. This same pilot was cited a few years ago for ignoring the date when his re-certification was due and was suspended from flying until he got the exam and filled out the paperwork. But, you know, Trump hires only the best.

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